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    지속가능그린디자인 연구실

    Sustainable Green Design Lab.

    at Soongsil University

    숭실대학교 공과대학 산업정보시스템공학과

    지속가능그린디자인 연구실(지도교수: 곽민정) 홈페이지에 오신 것을 환영합니다.

    녹색 잎


    • Design for Green Profit

    • Design for Circular Economy, Remanufacturing Optimization

    • ESG Management

    • Data-Driven Design, Data Analytics for Sustainability

    • Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

    • Design for Sharing Economy and Collaborative Consumption

    • Service Science

    • Neuro Design and Marketing for Sustainability



           Latest Publications      

    Review-based Control Charts for Service Quality Monitoring: A Brief Review and Future Directions 

    Review-based control charts that combine online review mining with traditional control charts are emerging as a new tool for quality monitoring. Although previous studies have provided successful examples of the review-based control chart, the natural characteristics of user-generated reviews and their impact on the chart have received less attention so far. After briefly surveying existing approaches, this paper presents a case study of two hotels in Korea to demonstrate the potential issues and challenges faced by review-based control charts because of the characteristics of online customer reviews. The results show that a small, inconsistent number of reviews and their uncontrollable contents poses the main challenge for the review-based control chart. Future research directions are discussed based on the results.

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